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Economic Insight Q2 2017

The New Malt Experience at Food ingredients Asia 2017

Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients, together with JJ-Muntons launched the new product “MaltiCrunch” to the market. MaltiCrunch is malted chocolate powder prepared with delicious chunks of Malted Chocolate Crunch. The crunch adds body, texture, mouth feel and further enjoyment to the Malted Chocolate eating experience. This can be carried through to make innovative additions to other food products such as cookies, cakes, spreads and other goodies. MaltiCrunch is especially great as ice cream or dessert topping. It gives the product a whole new mouth feel experience with crispiness, chunky goodness. It is also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals as well as the healthy benefits of malt. The product is manufactured in JJ-Muntons Thailand factory. As well as being officially HACCP and GMP certified, JJ-Muntons is also Halal certified from The Central Islamic Council of Thailand (CICT).  These certifications ensure customer confidence to order high quality malted powders across the region from a local source.
At the Fi Asia, Malt was also used as an ingredient in variety of menu applications such as Malted Chocolate Milk Drink, Soft Serve ice-cream, MaltiCrunch Spread, Chocolate Muffin, Malt Waffle, Multigrain - Whole grain country loaf and  Malt Milk/Chocolate Snow Flake. All prototypes were well prepared by our technical lab team from JJING Consumers Industries Innovation Center and served to all visitors visited the booth. Netherlands based Fromatech, a specialized and innovative in the production of natural Flavours, Seasonings and Cheese Based Powders, introduced their broad range of specialties products like spray dried flavours, functional ingredients, sauce mixes, marinades at the show as well. SIPERNAT® and AEROSIL® from Germany based Evonik Industries exhibited at JJING’s booth also. It's an important additive for the manufacturer of powdered ingredients to improve the flow ability of their products. These products act as flow aids by covering the surface of powder particles, thus, spacing them apart. An additional advantage is its large absorption capacity, which enables it to take up moisture or oil from the powder surface and reduce stickiness considerably.
All in all, the booth received positive feedback and many leads were generated during the 3 days of the show. Business discussions were held, not only about Malt but including Jebsen & Jessens' other food ingredients as well. We will feature our food business again in the next edition of Fi Asia in Jakarta during 3 – 5 October 2018.